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  • When your friend confirms their KEY CORNERS order with a 50% payment, you get rewards, minimum order value being KCI ₹5 Lakhs / KCC ₹50 Lakh

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  • Which Cities are Key Corners operational?
    We are currently operational in Bengaluru, Hubli & Dharwad, Belgaum, Mysuru and Goa
  • What are the services you provide?
    We provide complete turn key project from Interiors to Constructions crafted and tailor-made, space-optimised home within your budget. Interiors, Construction, Renovation of Homes/Villas/Buildings/Commercial spaces all in one roof.
  • What are the quality checks that you perform on the site?
    All the projects of Key Corners is being assessed on same quality standard. Our site engineer visits the site regularly to check the progress and quality of construction and the same is updated to customer, contractor and the offsite project management team. KCC is a system which clearly defines quality checks for each stage of the project. There are around 310+ unique quality checks which is performed under this system. Each check helps in generating the quality score for each project. Work is being assessed under following major heads : Civil Works, Architectural Works, Electrical & Plumbing Works & Project Management.
  • Will Key Corners packages cover my approvals if needed?
    Key Corners assists our clients in the approval process through the Construction Professionals onboarded on the platform. We are not directly involved in the approval process but our partners ensure that the clients get a completely hassle free experience.
  • Approximately how long does it take to complete my home?
    Just like a baby, it takes 9 months for turn-key Construction + Interiors.
  • Is compound wall included in the package?
    Not all houses have a compound. Then, there are houses which require a compound wall on just two or three sides. By excluding the compound wall from the package, we ensure that only the clients who opt for a compound wall, pay for it.
  • How does the Client monitor the progress of the project?
    We have an amazing dashboard, where you will have a track of all the ongoing work.
  • Does Key Corners provide loans as well?
    Key Corners assists the clients with the documentation part for the loan approval process. We have also partnered with a couple of banks and NBFCs for attractive interest rates.
  • What if the prices of the materials increase when the project is ongoing. Would there be a price escalation?
    The pricing of our contracts is frozen on a stamp paper. Hence, the prices remain stable in most of the scenarios.
  • Does the Client need to follow up the work regularly?
    NO, Clients need not followup or worry about the work. Our team will be taking care of it. Client can enjoy our hassle-free process and service and he/she visit the project only when required.
  • Are you flexible with the budget?
    Yes, our services are customised based on your needs.
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